Business School Or University?

Business School or University? When you finish high school there is only one thought that goes through your mind; university life. These years will define you as a person and possibly shape your adult life. It is nothing like high school, and everyone has a different experience. University friends are for life, teachers are inspiring and lovers can easily turn into a husband or wife.

Until all of that happens, you have to decide where to attend university, what you would like to study and if that is the career you want to fulfil for the majority of your life. Those are some big life questions no 18 years old wants to be responsible for at such a young age. It is ok to not know what you want in life just as much as it is ok to change your career. Keep in mind that when you decide to follow a specific type of college programme or school you will need to have those questions answered. Also, life is a continuous learning process so do not ever think that learning stops after you officially finish school and have your degree.

Defining Business School/University

To begin with, we will define the two terms. A Business School is a university-level institution that offers degrees in business administration and management. They specialize in all steps and aspects of the business world. Their courses and programmes can vary from legal terms, marketing, strategy, history of business, research, statistics, planning or negotiation. They can also be found under the name of the school of management, school of business administration, biz school or b-school.

On the other hand, a university or college institution is a 3 or 4-year undergraduate programme that offers courses and specialisation in different subjects or areas. After finishing university or college you get an undergraduate degree or bachelors degree and often leaves space for you to further specialise in a masters degree.

EU Business School

These are some of the best and most notable business schools: London Business SchoolIESE Business SchoolESSEC Business SchoolINSEADCopenhagen Business SchoolMaastricht Business School or EU Business School. These are mostly found in Europe, but business schools can be found all over the world. Take notice that if you are an undergraduate you can always apply to an MBA programme at any university or business school.


An MBA is a masters degree in business administration and management. The programme offers core courses that cover various areas of business such as accounting, applied statistics, business communication, business ethics, business law, finance, entrepreneurship, marketing and operations in a manner most relevant to management analysis and strategy. A full-time MBA programme normally takes place over two academic years and the degree you receive after finishing the course is called an MBA degree.

Having an MBA degree qualifies you to do the following jobs: business analyst or strategist, business development analyst, associate, or manager, director (of a department), entrepreneur/founder, financial analyst, management consultant, marketing associate, analyst, or manager, portfolio manager, project, product, or programme manager, operations analyst, associate, or manager. MBA graduates can also offer consultancy and specialised advice to young business owners and product developers. These jobs are well paid and often require data and research work.

Business At University

Most universities offer business programmes or have business schools as a subsidiary faculty under their umbrella. Harvard and Stanford have business schools, Cambridge and Oxford too and pretty much all universities that are not specialised in medicine, technical studies, or architecture.

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