Four Tips For Developing Your Skill Sets

A big key to success are the skill sets we develop. Regardless of what industry we are in, the goal is to always deliver value. We can only do that if we have strong skills. Here are some tips to help you identify and build your needed skillsets for success.

Who do you want to become? 

As you grow into your success, you need to determine and gain clarity around the type of person you want to become. You need to think about how you will grow into that person. Ask yourself: What are the habits, disciplines and skill sets I will need to be proficient at to attain mastery in my field?

For me, I want to really grow globally as a speaker and influencer. To do this, I need to work on skill sets around connecting and networking, polishing my message and positioning myself on social media platforms. Each week, I set time aside to work on these skill sets, to learn from other masters and to practice what I learn. If each week I focus on becoming more like the person I want to grow into, soon I will become that better version of myself.

Success leaves clues. 

We learn by watching others. When you are looking to grow your skills, look to those that have mastery and follow their lead.

When I was working to become a better public speaker, I was terrified. I had anxiety and was not able to connect. I decided to invest my time in watching others who were great public speakers; I paid attention to their diction, pace, tone and timing. I could see what was working and not working to capture the attention of the audience. In addition to observation, I would talk with these mentors and learn their best tips.

Today, it is easy to observe greatness. With technology, there are ample opportunities to follow and learn. You can listen to podcasts, watch YouTube videos and even attend virtual conferences. Take time to learn patterns of success from those that already have achieved it.


Success in any specific area only comes with practice. Unfortunately, most practice on their clients. You need to carve out time in your weeks to practice on your own and become stronger. Practicing isn't necessarily fun, but it is required for mastery.

When I was selling real estate, I was not having great success in converting leads into appointments. I knew what I had to say (after all, I had a script), but I was not connecting and probably sounded like a robot. After spending a few weeks with my mentor, who forced me to practice daily, my conversion rate became much higher and I saw success.

Another example: Think about a surgeon — they do not simply graduate medical school and get a scalpel. No, they practice, and they practice a lot before they are allowed to operate solo.

I suggest you time block for practice; carve out 30 minutes a few times a week to practice your skills. Work with a partner or mentor who will provide feedback. And remember that practice makes perfect.

Hire a coach or seek out a mentor.

Mastery with our skills can also be attained by having someone in your corner; someone that will hold you accountable and provide you a foundation for success. A good coach or mentor will help you and provide you with guidance and direction in your areas of growth. Go back and revisit who you want to become and seek out a good coach or mentor who is strong in that skillset.

I have had several coaches and mentors over the years. They have helped me in areas of leadership, speaking, project execution and even becoming a better coach. They have pushed me, challenged me and helped me achieve success. They have all been a valuable part of my growth and success.

Challenges in business will arise and you will be better equipped to handle them when your skills are sharp. Invest your time and focus in mastering your skills. You will be glad you did.

Written by Forbes